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Town Centre Churches

Soup Kitchen Collaboration at St. Peter’s

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  1. 唔該哂你la (個”啦”字點打 ) D拆得開三舊果D字點打?以下係a list of words I want the codes ar!開,呢,出,同(其實如果有a list of常用字嘅codes可能會快D!我去search吓先 )出咗字之後 佢會出下一個夾佢嘅字,我要用mouse去click佢先出另外嗰個字wo. I tried shift enter. ctrl enter, still didn’t work. You know another way with kobreayd?I am still practicing + doing other stuff. will ask you more when i encounter more problems!! Thanks a lot!! =D

    Comment by Luna on July 16, 2014 at 9:45 pm

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