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St. Stephen’s Church Roof – latest

We have  been granted a Faculty by the Diocese of Winchester, and Planning Approval from Bournemouth Borough Council,  and are now permitted to replace the stolen lead on the north and south sides of the church, and the roof of the sacristry, with terne-coated stainless steel. Scaffolding will be erected on Friday, 27th October, and work will commence on Tuesday October 30th. We anticipate that the repairs will take around six weeks. At long last we have been able to release the capital from the Anderson Spire Fund Trust, and this money will pay for almost all the roof refurbishment, supplemented by legacy income from the estate of the late Ms. Ellen Berry.  We are most grateful to everyone who has contributed to the success of this very long project, and look forward to the church being weatherproof again very soon!  It is planned to dedicate the smaller of the meeting-rooms in the hall to the memory of Ellen Berry, whose generous legacy enabled us to carry out the maintenance and improvements that were so desperately needed.

Update 12/12/12:   The north and south roof work has now been signed off and the flat roof over the choir vestry is going well and should be completed shortly. The church floor has been polished and looks absolutely fantastic. Many thanks to Elaine Frew, Chris Watkins and Christine Brown for their work moving furniture.

Update 24/12/12: The work is now complete and the workmen have departed. Once again, many, many thanks to everyone who assisted in getting this job done!

St Stephen’s Hall Flat

Following the departure of the last tenant, the flat has been gutted and will shortly be redecorated and a new kitchen and bathroom installed.  The property will then be let commercially as early as possible in 2013.

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