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Hope into Action – Sunday 18th September

This coming Sunday, 18th Sept., at 10 am, at St Peter’s Church, the Bishop of Southampton will lead our 10am service, attended by the Mayor, in which our focus will be on homelessness.¬† The preacher will be Ed Walker, the founding CEO of the charity ‘Hope into Action’, offering practical ways of channeling goodwill and compassion-driven donations into franchising supported housing with long-term befriending and mentoring for rough-sleepers. All are welcome.

This will be followed by coffee, and then by a buffet lunch at 12.30, leading to a seminar, in church, 1 Р3 pm, led by Ed Walker, and our hope is that it will be attended by a range of appropriate Local Councillors, Local Authority officers  and members of the rough-sleeper team, as well as by a wide range of those (including members of BCTC) who are concerned about the issue of homelessness and rough-sleeping for Bournemouth.  This is put-on in collaboration with Faithworks Wessex, whose Homelessness Worker, David Chidwick, adds much value to the town.

We very much look forward to seeing on Sunday, at one or both of these events, as many as possible of those concerned for the future of Bournemouth, and for turning-round the lives of individuals who have fallen on hard times. Ed Walker will be talking about a sustainable solution, which addresses needs for basic human friendship and support.

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