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Town Centre Churches

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s church was built between 1844 and 1879 by the architect G.E Street and is the oldest church in the parish. The church itself is centrally located in the town centre amidst what used to be Crank nightclub, the Mary Shelly pub, Bliss nightclub and Beales department store. The church is open throughout the week for visitors and parishioners alike and boasts a great degree of interaction with the surrounding community.

St. Peter’s hosts a consistent and regular calendar of events which you can view on the site’s event calendar. The church also provides a home for a Tapestry group, Study Group and Flower group among many others which frequently hold events.

In addition to a range of social and devotional groups, St. Peter’s is also home to the bi-monthly ‘Church for the Night‘ event. St. Peter’s itself follows a fairly traditional background incorporating liturgy and the use of the choir into their services. St. Peter’s actually has three choirs, a boy’s choir, a girl’s choir and a mixed adult choir that meets once a month.

The church is extremely open to anyone who has questions about the faith and makes a point of trying to bring together the traditions of The Church of England with the enquiring nature of many people today. The location of the church is fortunate being so close to the centre of the town, that with it’s spire, it can be considered one of the town’s major landmarks and is often open allowing visitors to wander in, prayer, read or explore the building for themselves.

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