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Welcome To Bournemouth Town Centre Parish

Welcome to Bournemouth Town Centre Parish!

Bournemouth Town Centre Parish consists of three churches based in Bournemouth with the intention of worshipping God, and  serving and ministering to the surrounding area. We seek to help people explore the importance of relationships, connection, community and meaning in the everyday. This simply means we seek to worship God and provide practical, emotional and spiritual support to the those we encounter around us.

The term parish is a collective term to represent Church of England churches within a particular area, in this case Bournemouth Town Centre. The parish itself being made up of three Churches;  St. Peter’s, St. Stephen’s and St. Augustin’s. The churches are centrally located in town with the intention of serving the surrounding community with its wide and diverse array of backgrounds.

The church buildings are open throughout the week providing a welcome alternative to the busy day to day goings on in the town. The formal members of the church coming together on Sundays for worship but meet up at various other instances in the week for prayer, socials and ministry.

This is Holy SpaceWe welcome anyone, regardless of background, who is curious about the daily life of the parish to participate or observe in our expression of Christian community in one of the busiest and most cosmopolitan towns on the south coast. We recognise the spiritual dynamic in every individual and in every aspect of our lives and invite you to witness and participate in practices and traditions which seek to explore and connect people with these themes which are frequently underplayed in society today. We recognise the complexity and challenges of living in a post-modern society that is moving quicker and quicker, we then contrast this with our ancient faith and rhythm of life, inviting everyone and anyone to be involved in whatever context they wish.

Feel free to explore the site and if you’re interested in finding out more about specific church congregations please click on the respective link at the top of the page. If you’re interested in getting in touch directly with the parish please visit the Contact page.